The misleading figures in the sex industry

Lauren York, writing for Data Journalism Blog, has exposed some of the truths behind the misleading figures that lie within the sex trade, particularly in the trafficking of women.

Echoing this failure to supply factual data, representations of student prostitution in the newspapers following the uproar after 5th year medical student, Jodi Dixon’s piece in the British Medical Journal saw claims of numerous weak teens being forced into the sordid industry, whereas further investigations have shown a more positive outlook.

However, York notes that this occurrence is not irregular as unsupported claims of numbers related to the sex industry are often found within the media, and these can be misleading and often damaging.

Additionally, the piece offers “a great example of what can happen when people assume other people’s figures are correct and quote them, or an exaggerated version of them as fact.”

 DJB’s “story of data done badly

Flow chart of the incorrect figures regarding sex trafficking

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