Student Prostitution : The facts and figures?

The growth in student prostitution has been such a massive issue for universities in the UK that the National Union of Students, NUS has taken it upon themselves to conduct an in-depth study into the real facts and figures and whether this is the massive problem that it has been reported as.

It examined the rise in recent years of students taken part in medical studies and selling their bodies to fund the ever growing price of tuition. In the past year calls to The English Collective of Prostitutes Helpline has more than doubled, the organisation has reported a steady rise in calls from students over the past ten years. However the helpline has been inundated by calls since the government’s announcement that student fees would rise to £9,000 from 2012.

They do also stress that students aren’t always turning to simply prostitution, they have reports of escorts, lap dancers and prostitutes and the Department of Education has therefore pledged over £180m a year financial support for the countries most vulnerable 16-19 year olds.

They insist that this will ensure that the system becomes fairer as although tuition fees maybe rising they have assured students it will not be detrimental to the students going to university from the poorest households.

The study also estimated that 20% of the employees within the countries lap dancing clubs are also studying.

Moreover, research published last year from the University of Kingston found that the number of university students who knew someone who had worked in the sex industry to fund their studies had gone up from 3% to 25% in 10 years. However due to the nature of the questions this survey must be questioned further.

They also found that 16% of students would consider working within the sex industry whilst studying.

Dr. Ron Roberts added that he found this survey “worrying”.Image