Are students aware of the responsibilities involved?

Last week, Donna Asutaits was sent to jail after failing to pay taxes on earnings of over £300,000 ove the course of her career as a prostitute. A career which she began as a student in order to pay for her university education.

This story, which was began in November 2011 when the case was brought against Austaits, brings to light several issues, particularly the main case for the defense which stated that due to Asutaits havnig started her career at a young age, while still a university student, mean that she was unaware of how the system worked and that she was required by law to pay taxes upon her earnings.

It is possible that students who go into prostitution are uncomfortable to seek advice regarding matters such as that of paying taxes. Such information would normally be openly available to them were they in any other job but is left undiscussed as the profession is such a taboo subject even though the practice of it is not illegal within England.


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