‘World Laws and Causes of Prostitution.’


  Green– Prostitution legal and regulated

  Blue– Prostitution legal, but not regulated; brothels are illegal;

  Red– Prostitution illegal

  Peach– No data

Prostitution as we have come to understand it in the course of this investigation has many views and perspectives from the religious to the social. In this post we shall reveal the causes of prostitution exploring the differences and the legislation that has been put in place regarding it in countries around the world.

Countries all over the world have different cultures, beliefs and ways of life and it helps to learn and appreciate these differences to see how the world operates as a whole. As already briefly pointed out in previous blog posts prostitution here in the UK is legal to a certain extent, as long as there are no ‘pimps’ involved and the lead cause of student prostitution is popularly to fund a life style. However it gets interesting when one learns the causes of prostitution in other countries in the world because the differences reveal how different people are in different places.

The first example is Cuba. According to Canadian photo-journalist Andrew Lindy in his video documentary, ‘Cuba Prostitution Documentary’, prostitution in Cuba is not frowned upon but rather is seen as normal transaction between two or more people. He further explains that the Cubans are a very nice people and that prostitution in Cuba is caused by poverty. Very few people can afford to go to school and there are very little to no jobs in the country. Hence some women use prostitution to fund their school fees which was believed at first to be the same reason student prostitution was beginning in the UK.

In America however prostitution is illegal in 49 of 50 states and is usually classified as a misdemeanour. Nevada is the only state that allows licensed brothels. The main cause of prostitution similar to the UK is most to fund a lifestyle but in some cases involves trafficking, drug addiction and surprisingly poverty. These two countries so far show that there are other underlying themes behind it and reveal that the cause of student prostitution can’t just be attributed to one sole cause.

In African the main story is similar to that in Cuba, many African countries have the lead cause to be poverty. Prostitution in Africa is described as a means to survive with no cases of it being a way to fund a lifestyle. In South Africa it has been illegal since 1957 however in 2010 in connection to the World Cup there were calls for it to be legalised and legislated as a way to control the spread of HIV and AIDS. This faced a lot of opposition as prostitution in most parts of Africa is stigmatised.

There are very few countries in Africa were prostitution is legal, like in Cote D’ivoire where the exchange of money for sex is allowed according to Article 634 of the Ethiopian Penal Code.Nigeria is also one of these few countries where it is legal in fact a bill was passed by Deputy-vice President Ike Ekweremadu however though legal or not, prostitution in Africa is mainly caused by poverty is the reason why Africa has the highest percentage of the AIDS disease.

In Asia it varies because there is a difference in terms of law and practice. The law disapproves it but in practices it is tolerated but socially frowned upon. A key point to note is that there is a double standard as men are allowed to acquire to services of a prostitute but the prostitutes themselves are stigmatised. The main cause is poverty but there are fewer cases of it in Asia than in Africa.

Prostitution is a touchy issue which when looked at from a world stand point we can still see the stigma associated with it. Though the causes of it worldwide may vary one thing remains the same, prostitution has been there for a long time and seems like it is not going anywhere anytime soon. The reason why is not quite clear perhaps it is in the human psychology where the answer lays. Please do let us know you views by commenting below or alternatively emailing us at investigatestudentprostitution@gmail.com


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