Significant Percentage of students Know a Student Sex Worker

New statistics suggest that student prostitution may be more of an issue than we thought. An on-campus tally at Birmingham City University was carried out in order to get a clearer sense of the reality of student prostitution. We asked 100 students whether they know a student sex worker and 23 students said that they did.

This is surprising when you consider the lack of awareness that is shown by Students at The Student Room (, which members such as snag prophet claim “its nonsense”. For Kicks concurs, “Like anything in the press blown out of proportion… hardly a student phenomenon.”

The only recognition of students being forced to such means, is explained by the demands of a materialistic lifestyle, ebam_UK says it’s resorted to in order “to gain disposable income or pay for that exotic holiday… anything for a Cambridge ball ticket”.

When talking to some of the students who took part in the on-campus tally, they had a very different opinion on things. Fashion student Olivia Cameron said,

I would never turn to prostitution, but students struggle financially a lot more than people seem to think. After I’ve used my loan to pay my rent I’m left with nothing to live on, and if my parents couldn’t help me I wouldn’t know what to do. It’s hard to find a job, and I know a lot of students who aren’t supported by their parents.

English and Drama student Katie Hodson seems bitter towards the Government’s student loans system,

I’m stuck in a job with crap pay, no help from my parents, and left with less than £5 a week to spend on food if I want to have ANY enjoyment outside of work and university.”

By Daniella Dixon-Cannon


One thought on “Significant Percentage of students Know a Student Sex Worker

  1. Great to see you getting out there – would be good to see more detail from these responses. What sort of sex work do they work in? How do they know them – and how certain are they that they are working in that industry? Why have they shared that information with this person? Is it because there is no stigma, or because they have concerns?

    Good incorporation of the community comments – can you stimulate a discussion with your survey results?

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